Once In The Woods

WHEN your lips were damp like mine in the fields,
When the earth smiled in purples and goodly greens,
When apples and plums, graced the age of light,
When mighty waters filled the river-bank,
When crickets and ‘hoppers babbled in the wind,
When humming-birds echoed from shore to shore.




Picture from igalleries.com

A poem written after reading Shakespeare’s sonnet

WHEN I do wake up to gentle wind
And hear too low a wild bird sing
So true lies autumn all designed
And the twilight that is changing.
’tis the time of the lowing sun
When the boiling rays no more burn,
’tis the season of the dimming bright
When sweet melons and apples delight.
A sweet time, a shade of days gone
A soft prelude to winter’s dawn.