About me

My name is Vincent, others do call me Servingbard, while most refer to me as the Lancelot. Well, any of these is fine by me, I guess. You see, I am an unheralded playwright by trade, so I guess this qualifies me as a lousy dramatist who thinks he can write poetry. Well, almost!
Now the burning question; Why am I here? To be quite frank, I am not sure what I am doing here. Or perhaps l am, and I just do not realize it, or perhaps I do realize it but I deliberately decide to play dumb. Whatever the case maybe, I am pretty certain about one thing though; This is going to be my residence for many many a year to come.

And to my wonderful readers! Thank you all for your follows, your comments and the likes. And most significantly, thank you for reading my work.I am forever grateful to all of you, and please keep visiting my site. Thanks again!


4 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi Mr Cardiff,it has taken me a whole ten months to finally have someone comment on my ‘about me’ page. What a relief! And thank you again for reading my lousy poems. Cheers!


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