You decide

50 Shades of me

The best of us will learn from
Mistakes made in our past
While others will be doomed
To repeat them much too fast

Unburdened by the confines
Of conscience and the like
They are the ruthless monsters
Who hide within plain sight

For every single person
There will always be two sides
One we reveal to others
And the one we choose to hide

A duality governed by balance
Of the darkness and the light
The capacity for good and evil
Deciding what is wrong or right

Everything would be better
If we all took off our armour
Only those who define the moral divide
Will truly have the power

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The Chimney-Sweepers: A Town Eclogue


Last May-day as I skipp’d the garland
Cheer’d by the merry hurdy-gurdy’s
I look’d, methought, with an unusual Grace
For moll herself had washed and
Chalk’d my face.


That happy day I never shall forget
The jack-ass that I rode did so curvet,
He brayed for joy – say could the beast
do less?
The knots on his rump were tied by Bess.

-1773 (Anon)