SHEPHERD’S TALE, breaking point

WHEN you gave me the love to please,
With laughter and a boundless kiss,
Forth came my heart’s happy content,
So borne, by nature’s own consent.

I did see you in gowns antique,
Often worn with garlands unique,
And a pair of fair sandals to match,
Your gentle walks, a marvel to watch.

Then you met truths in my designs,
That glimpse of apples and goodly pines,
All distant hills, all twilights pale,
All gleaming valleys, all the dale.

And to the mellowed greens we made,
Where we stood in the evening shade,
Before the skies and sunsets red,
And then a joyous life we led.

But things do change as the seasons move,
And this to me your coldness prove;
Upon you I spot no delight,
And pale stars no more greet a night.

Where be the mellowed looks supplied?
Those warming songs by evening tide?
The soft-borne kisses by each twilight?
And gentle whisperings in the night?

A poem by Lancelot


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