And this is my own piece,I shall not say it is an imitation,but rather, a poem inspired by Marlowe’s masterpiece.I hope it is not as lousy as I think it is.

LEARN me of better rhymes to make,
And tell me how long it should take
For me to be thy lovely knight,
To win thee and make thee delight.

I shall tread with thee on a rove,
And glance with thee at the seasons move,
And take thee to a boundless world
Where lie so many a bliss held.

We shall watch all rams and ewes graze,
And little lambs cuddle in the sun’s blaze,
And both see legless ticks of day
When we delve into a gold ray.

Sweet butterflies will paint the air,
And two nightingales hum as pair!
But sweet falcons make tender moan,
Bent on merriment palms alone.

Roaming lark steps on lilies bright,
As doth bees ‘pon knots of roses white:
Thus sweet pleasures,of blushful spring
Whose pretty yields across gardens cling.

Who else could perhaps afford thee
These lofty delights thy eyes see?
Whose hands be gentle as the shepherd’s?
Who be sweet as the sweetest bards?

A poem by Lancelot


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