All things mortal

But all things high and bright will cease to be, The sweet-browed icons of world proper, The honey-filled composers of lustrous song, The pink-coated lilies by the river-bed, The reigning crane and birds of paradise, The monuments of times and kingdoms made, The doomed age and furtherers of revolt, A new day,and murderers of reason.


But I have only gleaned the years And weariness on me appears, My youthful joys are past return, Fortune and happiness to earn, My few talents and heyday poise, My greatness an expert employs, My love and the offspring I sire All that I recall in this mire. Where shall I dwell in the bower […]

To her

When I seek and long for the maiden grand, I do but propose the feast of marriage, For my ripe age doth true manhood command And the mellowed beard doth mark the mileage, I saw you first that kindergarten day And trod home with you when the school was done, I held your hand and […]