Forever mine

Even though your name be tarnished and mocked,
And your stay a subject of toils to see
I shall not forget those true paths we walked,
Nor shall my immortal love cease to be,
I shall not waver from the covenant
Nor shall I lead myself to the gallows,
I may never forget the wrongs of old,
But my love will forever beam as gold.


Broken vows

How gallant would I be a knight
If my love and care were curtailed,
And how true a vanguard of light
Were I had you none but impaled,
Should I watch in that loneliness
Then at the height of its blossom
And stare that altered loveliness,
And weep for that which I’ve become!


15 February

Farewell lovers day
Farewell night of gay
Farewell roses galore,
Farewell lanterns more
Goodbye whispers sweet.
Farewell tender lies
Farewell tender cries
Farewell sighs and groans,
Farewell boundless moans
Goodbye fairest kiss.


Wedding day

Wake up vast world and wide
Wake up dear groom and bride
Wake up toddlers of gall
Wake up and cease to stall,
Wake up vast world and wide
Wake up old hags with pride
Wake up little priest or tall,
And bid goodwill to all,
Let us be young and gay
It is a wedding day.