My lover seems fairer than day
And all that’s grander or serene
Be duller than the leaves of May
Whose golden states do mock the green,
Though her soul be dark as the night.

My lover do as lilacs please
And all that’s merrier and sweet,
Be so boundless in her to grace,
For happy knights to meet and greet,
Though her coldness be just a blight.

My lover would as parrots sing
And all that seems louder or great,
Be as compared,just useless things
That look with both,envy and hate,
Yet she be quite to depth and height.


The Shepherd

Were I not the man devoid of power
And the knowledge of how to mountains move,
Then I would so pause and halt the hour,
To break the tide,and to the Shepherd prove,
That the whole vast world be a trembling state
Who needs at most His guidance and the light
Which will lead all men to paradise gate,
To rekindle our stay to right and bright’.
But wider my thoughts can travel and far
To grasp even the minds of those blinded prime,
Now I seek the muse and kings of the bar
To raise Him best,and serve for longest time,
For the path to glory be just His way,
Who leads with His might to a brighter day.


The swansong

But I have measured my distance in time
And the volume of things gained in this world,
The world of lost souls and portraits of grime,
The blazing summers and those winters cold.
Now eyes my soul the most silent of hills
Where sleep the many sires and grand-sires mute
Side to side piled,with loads of empty wills,
Sans whispers sweet and sans voices to pollute.
Can I converse with the meek and the wise
To prepare me channels and the pathway
To that cold abode which all men despise,
And ask the Most-High to level His just way,
So leaps my stay into the clutches of death
And I hope this rime recompense my breath.



If I could halt the years and time
To dwell in the mid-time of night,
And listen with you my songs and rime
Then I would ever be your knight.
And would you walk with me long miles
To journey with me through the trials,
And cry with me a thousand tears
And make me a lover for years!



Should I retire to the tomb
To leave then all these sorrows be,
Or should I shed all tears of gloom
For the fading world and for me,
Should I fleet to the silent shore
To forget all these bastard souls,
Or should I perhaps watch once more
This vile earth and her lofty toils,
Should I embrace the dark parade
And deem the world all fair and gay,
Or should I to the sunset fade
To part ways with errors of day?